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It’s been a spree of new products here.  Designs that i’ve had in mind for months that finally made it to the sewing table.   


 Also, i’ve added a little something to my shop.  It was made by the talented Graham Folkema and you can find it here.


Yesterday afternoon, we experienced our first ever trio playdate, meaning each kid had a friend over.  It felt strange and kind of wonderful (even if the youngest pair only partially played together).  And, while everyone was playing, I took a moment to finish a new product, this wool-filled kid’s vest: 


My kinglets

When i put this shirt on Reuben – fresh from the bath and scampering across the deck in the early evening light – i first thought to recreate an earlier scene because i was instantly reminded of it.

But it didn’t really work and i left the thought aside.  Until this weekend, in an attempt to capture a pair of full length kinglets i wanted added to the shop, and i was reminded of it again.



I’m not really a vest lover, what can i say, they always seem redundant, why would you wear something without sleeves when you’ll still need a sweater to warm your arms.  Then i saw this pattern and, in the interest of saving time (always!), pulled a chair up to my serger and tried this out:


Gabe looks darling in it.  Naturally, it’s also good at keeping him warm.


During those miraculous moments when all children are sleeping or safely occupied (as in, not hammering the newly sanded floor in the reno room nor throwing toys down an exposed air duct), i’ve squeezed in some sewing orders.

Here’s another bee and flower wool toddler coat:

I’m now debating adult sizes…

Childrens Pixie Coat

I drafted a pattern for a kid’s coat because i had some wool blankets not thick enough to use/sell as mattress pads. This one was from a vintage pink blanket which i hand dyed and pieced together for a size 3/4T coat. I added a cotton lining and a pixie hood. Just need to sew on the buttons (and maybe some appliqué) and see if i can get Gabe to model it.