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2 in 1

Learning to knit two socks on one needle

This is a trial with larger needles and heavier yarn but the goal is this pattern on fingering baby blue.


Mega knitting

I cut a felted sweater sleeve into a long strip and cast it on these giant needles.  This was just a test but it knits up quite quick.  Maybe a scarf?

How far we’ve come

When it comes to knit sweaters, Eily started out like this: with a lot of resistant.  He ended up wearing that sweater only twice.   

But with this one, he picked the wool himself.  Wore it eagerly the first day it was done (though I may decide to rip out the neckline a second time – I don’t like that it didn’t size up as well as Gabe’s). And he continues to wear it, even directly over a t-shirt.