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This shirt ended up backward…or rather it started out that way. 

 I wanted a simple woven tank.  The fabric was a gift from a neighbour who is downsizing.  It was 1/2 yard from a curtain that was shortened, à la The Sound of Music.

I envisioned a single button and loop closure for the back.  But it just wasn’t working.  Before giving up, i turned it around.  Removed the button and the loop.   

 So much better.

Next time i’d try it in voile or something with drape.  I’d make the straps narrower and curve the hemline. 

 And keep that neckline just the same.

Greys & Greens

From winter to spring.
Pants for Eily:

Shirt for me:

  I started out by using this pattern but i modified it so much that i’m not even sure i should credit that source.  First i compared sizing to my Burda blouse because i was skeptical of both my ability to measure myself appropriately and Lekala’s ability to accurately depict these measurements (with all due respect, their patterns are only $3 and arrive personalized in your inbox within hours of purchase).  Rightly so, as it turns out.

Next, i eschewed the (decorative) half seams in the front, the full seams in the back (except for the horizontal one) as well as the pockets and belt, and made the necessary pattern changes.

Lastly, the length. I’ve wanted a shirt dress for awhile.  That was my plan when i bought the pattern.  But it was also my plan to use fabric from my stash. This embroidered linen – i don’t even remember my intention in buying it, pants, sleeveless dress, curtains, who knows? (Maybe nothing in particular as my love for linen began way back in high school from whence this fabric originates) – in any case, i had only enough for a shirt.  The fabric also has a bulkier drape than i would have liked for the pattern.  So midway through, i decided against one additional modification – the half placket – and sliced the front for a full button band as the original pattern intended.

Considering all this, i’m so pleased that it’s wearable in the end.  Not only that, i like it. (I had some serious doubts about the excessive embroidery.) 

I think the sleeve straps are my favourite. 


Waiting for Spring

Well, what should we do?  Make more warm clothes?

The cardigan was a shrunken sweater, cut down the middle and outfitted with a button band (inspired by this project).

And the shirt is my own version of the Grainline Linden sweatshirt in bamboo jersey.  I pulled out this boatneck pattern from seven years ago and added neckline trim and cuffs (à la Granville).  I think the cuffs are my favourite part.


I’m not really a vest lover, what can i say, they always seem redundant, why would you wear something without sleeves when you’ll still need a sweater to warm your arms.  Then i saw this pattern and, in the interest of saving time (always!), pulled a chair up to my serger and tried this out:


Gabe looks darling in it.  Naturally, it’s also good at keeping him warm.


I’ve been working on some cotton pieces similar to the way I’ve worked with wool for skirts and sweaters. These are short-sleeved with small to elaborate cowl necks. They’re like puzzles which I have to find the best way to put together to get the most out of the fabric.