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Why i purchased a half bushel of heirloom eating tomatoes after putting up four times that of San Marzanos, i will never truly know.  The fruit flies don’t mind.  Honestly, i don’t mind them.  These tomatoes are that good.

And now’s my chance to make more panzanella, greek salad, scalloped tomatoes, pico de gallo, tomato pastry and a new one this year: baguette spread with ginger wasabi cream cheese, covered with caramelized onions and topped with tomato slices. 

 Arguably, the best is still sandwiching them between salt and pepper and a lightly toasted, lightly buttered slice of sourdough.

the start of something big

The garden has treated us well this season: asparagus, the biggest lettuces, lots of herbs, even a small crop of raspberries amidst the drought.

And now the tomatoes begin.  I’ve been holding my breath for this.  The first cherries have turned and the brandywine are beginning to colour.

The fennel, meanwhile, nearly flowered and caught me off guard.  I harvested the first stalk and chopped it up into a lentil salad.  It was as tender and crisp as a green pepper.  When i harvested more, i removed only the fronds and the smallest core, keeping everything else, much more than i would of femnel from the store.

My hands held the sweetest anise scent for hours afterward.

Treat month

When Gabe groaned at another salad at supper, i declared it vegetable month (in other words, you can’t complain!). 

 The other day, we harvested a big buttercrunch from our garden and added strawberries, feta, barbeque chicken and balsamic to it.

And tonight, i chopped cucumbers and carrots plus mizuna, kale, green onions and kohl rabi from our csa and covered it all in a creamy asian dressing.

Gabe was not convinced.  He said, no, it’s treat month.

I would agree.