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Superhero capes

Gabe turned 6 this summer. When we held him a party in the fall, I made initialized capes for the guests (instead of grab bags). They were cut from old tshirts, while keeping the original neckline. It was a simple craft with a pretty great outcome.



A little experiment the boys and their cousins did at the grandparent’s.  Making fire with the sun and a magnifying glass.  If you know where to look, you can see the flame.


Summer begins.  And the art from school comes home.

Eily and his classmates made a plasticine Terry Fox and map of Canada then shot a claymation video for their project on Young Inspiring Canadians.

Catch up

I’m getting further behind on items to post.  Sometimes I don’t get past the idea to do it, but more often I come across one or two in the smattering of photos I have and am reminded.

Here’s a Christmas gift for the boys, made from a Spoonflower template