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Then there’s that.

Then again, Eily has since become much better at appreciating the handmade. To the extreme, i might add. Some examples:

Some spoonflower fabric he’s designed. His plan is that i make him a shirt and he will wear it to the Butterfly Conservatory and wait for butterflies to land on him.


A Paint interpretation of flies he’s tied (for fly fishing):


And some actual flies:



Luckily, along with those times when i wish to be anywhere but here arguing (with futility i might add) with a nearly-two year old about how best to carry scissors (as in, not across his neck in the open position), there are moments where i wish to be no where else except standing in the back-yard sun with my almost seven-year old.

Take this one for instance. When he tells me about his propellor-powered hang glider.


Or suggests that when i next need to power something with the wind i might consider taking this along:

Or when i find this gift he left for me on the kitchen counter: