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the start of something big

The garden has treated us well this season: asparagus, the biggest lettuces, lots of herbs, even a small crop of raspberries amidst the drought.

And now the tomatoes begin.  I’ve been holding my breath for this.  The first cherries have turned and the brandywine are beginning to colour.

The fennel, meanwhile, nearly flowered and caught me off guard.  I harvested the first stalk and chopped it up into a lentil salad.  It was as tender and crisp as a green pepper.  When i harvested more, i removed only the fronds and the smallest core, keeping everything else, much more than i would of femnel from the store.

My hands held the sweetest anise scent for hours afterward.

Treat month

When Gabe groaned at another salad at supper, i declared it vegetable month (in other words, you can’t complain!). 

 The other day, we harvested a big buttercrunch from our garden and added strawberries, feta, barbeque chicken and balsamic to it.

And tonight, i chopped cucumbers and carrots plus mizuna, kale, green onions and kohl rabi from our csa and covered it all in a creamy asian dressing.

Gabe was not convinced.  He said, no, it’s treat month.

I would agree.  

Bees and cabbages

I suppose i didn’t think much about what to use the fabric for when i designed it.

I tried the bees out on an evelope tee for Reuben: 
And the blue cabbages was given to one of his young (gardening) friends:
Since  i had initially designed the cabbages larger and with more space (but didn’t like that for a toddler shirt), i used the first fabric for underwear – why not blue cabbage briefs? 
The middle fabric is another Spoonflower design (which actually started out as a swap poster) and the bottom fabric is from an old silk knit nightshirt that had gotten too small for me.

Holy Smokes!

All last week, i waited for the asparagus to show its purple tips…but nothing. Then a glimpse beneath the soil before we headed put of town for three days. When we returned, the trilliums were flowering, the fiddleheads had unfurled, and the asparagus were almost a foot tall.