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Another Hunt

This time for spring fairies.

With Gabe’s classmates.


Hunting & Building

This past weekend’s teepee-building reminds me of another time three years ago, building on that same property:

They found a few more reasons to stay outside, barefoot on a fine spring day.

Meanwhile my dad and I put a door on our little library.

Altar cloth

A friend has started a forest church which gathers a group of us together each month to worship in the woods.  She asked if I could make an “altar cloth” and we used it this month for the first anniversary of this church.  It’s the first time we held communion, with spelt bread and homemade grape juice.

I felted the mat from wool that was dyed from local sources by this fine artist.

A close-up of the other side – which was meant to look like leaves, moss, living earth.  As opposed to the festive colours of the other side.

Gabe helping me pick more colours.