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On trying to carry too much

This time of year offers so much – sewing orders picking up, school beginning, produce to can, gardens to clean, birthdays to celebrate -that it inevitably leads to the question of why i took on so much.

Which is not why i made this bag (no, that was to use more wool blanket scraps and to find a way to attach them to leather belts ie. rivets).  But it is why i will not fill it full.  It is strong and wide and roomy.  But my arms really need a break.

Bag-making version three. This one holds more than the other but lacks the extra pockets and fancy hardware. I’ll have to see which one is gonna get more love.

Yay! I’ve had this bag on my mind for awhile, as a project for the new sewing machine, and it actually turned out pretty close to what I imagined. It’s already full of necessary and frivolous, portable items.

I made a sample piece for the wet felting workshop. If all goes well, each participant will make a piece of felted wool that looks something like this (at left). The other piece is a mini bag which I’m using as a sunglasses case. I had to hand sew it last night because my sewing machine finally gave way. (A new one is long past due, and now it’s a necessity.)