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Loom weaving

Since mastering the hoop, Eily has moved on to a small German-made table loom that i acquired at one of the annual guild auctions. The loom almost looks homemade and it needed a few adjustments – a screw to stabilize the reed, new aprons for wrapping the warp – but it works smoothly now.


So the red rug turned out to be “beaten too hard” (just getting used to hula hoop tension) and it popped off the loom like a fibre basket unstead.  but the kids…and the cats it seems…are happy that it works well as a cat bed.

Double weave

For the second rug warp, i tried a double weave, which means there are two layers of warp on top of each other. I weave from one warp to the next on one side so a fold forms. Once woven, the finished fabric is unfolded to create a piece that is double in width of the loom. This allows me to weave a larger piece than my loom allows.

Here’s what i learned in this first try:
-to use a rag rug shuttle instead of the canoe rattle i’ve been using for single weaves
-it’s hard to enforce quality control when you can’t even see all the fabric you’re working on
-after throwing each row of weft, slide my hand between the two layers of warp to ensure i haven’t goofed by weaving from one warp to the next before i get to the end

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It is those times that we need creative space the most that there is no room. I understand that in a physical sense these days. Our house has been dealing with electrical upgrades, insulation, and new ceiling drywall. It has felt like ages since I’ve found the time and the space to do something besides home repairs. Today though, I finished two rugs to bring to next week’s KWWS (Kitchener Waterloo Weavers’ & Spinners’) sale.