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First Weaving

Eily made a bracelet on the kid’s loom.


Rugs in Progress

More hexagons for the honeycomb rug :

The beginning of a blanket on the tapestry loom which i plan to felt into a rug:

And a new knitted one made with linen rope. It’s so big i’m using rope as circular knitting needles:


Loom weaving

Since mastering the hoop, Eily has moved on to a small German-made table loom that i acquired at one of the annual guild auctions. The loom almost looks homemade and it needed a few adjustments – a screw to stabilize the reed, new aprons for wrapping the warp – but it works smoothly now.


So the red rug turned out to be “beaten too hard” (just getting used to hula hoop tension) and it popped off the loom like a fibre basket unstead.  but the kids…and the cats it seems…are happy that it works well as a cat bed.

Double weave

For the second rug warp, i tried a double weave, which means there are two layers of warp on top of each other. I weave from one warp to the next on one side so a fold forms. Once woven, the finished fabric is unfolded to create a piece that is double in width of the loom. This allows me to weave a larger piece than my loom allows.

Here’s what i learned in this first try:
-to use a rag rug shuttle instead of the canoe rattle i’ve been using for single weaves
-it’s hard to enforce quality control when you can’t even see all the fabric you’re working on
-after throwing each row of weft, slide my hand between the two layers of warp to ensure i haven’t goofed by weaving from one warp to the next before i get to the end

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