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Waiting for Spring

Well, what should we do?  Make more warm clothes?

The cardigan was a shrunken sweater, cut down the middle and outfitted with a button band (inspired by this project).

And the shirt is my own version of the Grainline Linden sweatshirt in bamboo jersey.  I pulled out this boatneck pattern from seven years ago and added neckline trim and cuffs (à la Granville).  I think the cuffs are my favourite part.



I’ve wanted to make this rug for a while – with merino sweater strips and wool yarn instead of tshirt scraps and cotton yarn – but i’m inclined to pull out what i’ve started and map out what colours i want where first.  I’d like it to have more colour cohesion so it doesn’t end up looking like a 1970’s afghan.


Slipper session

Every so often i go on a slipper bender, making several in a row and tweaking earlier patterns.

These are both sheepskin lined, one for infants and a new size of the crocheted uppers and leather/sheepskin soles. What’s most exciting is that I’ve begun working on a pattern for these, in adult and children’s sizes.