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My Oma’s scarf

It’s been 7 years since my Oma died.  I have one of the acrylic sweaters she knit me in our window seat – where we keep our warmest sweaters.  Even though i replaced it with a wool one, i haven’t got rid of it yet.  But it’s just sitting there and hidden too – i should just let it go. 

Besides i have something to make up for it.  One of my Oma’s scarves was hiding amongst my stacks of fabric.  Now it’s covering a pillow in our living room.  A far better tribute i think. 


It is December 17 and 5 degrees.  We don’t really need to be warmer.  But Reuben is happy in his new (larger) sleep sack

 And our feet are happier walking on white oak rather than ceramic tile.  

The Before Shot (actually about 2 years ago when Gabey was a long-haired 2 year old) : 

And the floor today, stained and oiled:  


An infant rarely lets you sit for tea, but i found the opportunity this afternoon while the older boys were drawing and Reuben was napping. A moment of grace.

It is wintry outside but we are warm and dry.


I have been loving a homemade chai tea lately. Much cheaper and easier than braving the cold walk to Starbucks.

Swan Song

We said goodbye to our electric stove the other day. It wasn’t very sad in fact…i wasn’t too attached to it. I made some banana coconut bars and that was that. We rolled it out of the kitchen.

It’s been much more exciting christening our new oven. The inaugural bake was this strawberry galette last night.

Then granola this afternoon, followed by grilled paninis stuffed with every vegetable i could get my hands on: arugula, hot peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic scape pesto, plus provolone and prosciutto. The works.


I’ve finally replaced the tattered clothespin holder. Easiest project ever: just shrink a sweater, sew the bottom closed and cut a slit across the middle.

And here’s a replacement for the past chair cover, which was not made of weather-resistant fabric and after five years, was starting to show some wear.