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We added our little library to the boulevard last weekend, in amongst the plants where Brett has been naturalizing.

Eily and Gabe each painted a side (a sunflower and fireworks, respectively) and they asked me to add the leafy garland around the door. I also painted the five trees on the back.

Catch up

I’m getting further behind on items to post.  Sometimes I don’t get past the idea to do it, but more often I come across one or two in the smattering of photos I have and am reminded.

Here’s a Christmas gift for the boys, made from a Spoonflower template

Then there’s that.

Then again, Eily has since become much better at appreciating the handmade. To the extreme, i might add. Some examples:

Some spoonflower fabric he’s designed. His plan is that i make him a shirt and he will wear it to the Butterfly Conservatory and wait for butterflies to land on him.


A Paint interpretation of flies he’s tied (for fly fishing):


And some actual flies:



We devised a scavanger hunt for the kids and their cousins while at my parents for new year’s. One of the assignments was to find a reflection of yourself and take a picture. This was Eily’s:

The cousins also made boats and, upon the recommendation of my sister, we sailed them alongside halved walnut shells glowing with candles and blessed with new year’s wishes, in the (frozen) pond in my parent’s yard.