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We added our little library to the boulevard last weekend, in amongst the plants where Brett has been naturalizing.

Eily and Gabe each painted a side (a sunflower and fireworks, respectively) and they asked me to add the leafy garland around the door. I also painted the five trees on the back.

Street food

Does the berry season begin with wild strawberries or mulberries or service berries?  The boys have been hunting for ripe berries along boulevards and parking lots.  The older two know what to look for.  They’ll pick what they can reach and then climb for the higher ones.  Or, like they did on our street, use the plastic slide from our backyard to climb higher and move from tree to tree.


What’s more, the patches of wild strawberries in the yard are widening and there’s more to find.


I’m reminded of another boy hunched down in a berry patch five years ago.



I’ve finally replaced the tattered clothespin holder. Easiest project ever: just shrink a sweater, sew the bottom closed and cut a slit across the middle.

And here’s a replacement for the past chair cover, which was not made of weather-resistant fabric and after five years, was starting to show some wear.


Holy Smokes!

All last week, i waited for the asparagus to show its purple tips…but nothing. Then a glimpse beneath the soil before we headed put of town for three days. When we returned, the trilliums were flowering, the fiddleheads had unfurled, and the asparagus were almost a foot tall.