Box cereal breakthrough

One day this summer, i went to our local grocery store looking for rice puffs for a snack recipe and came home with a giant bag. They are supplied by a local farm (though i don’t know where the rice is grown) which is excellent but when i paired them with milk for an easy breakfast, they were soggy, tasteless, and needless to say, nutritionally void.

As a result and because our only store-bought cereal – a kind of multigrain flake – has been harder to find these days, i was inspired to turn them into something better. Toasting them was necessary but i also needed to mix them with some tastier foods. I found some recipes here, here and here, made some simple modifications, and ended up with three delicious cereals: (from the left) apple cinnamon crunch, sun puffs, and toasted oats and rice.

I can’t wait until breakfast.

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