camping and knitting

while we were packing for our camping trip, eily said to me: “why don’t i have a scarf, mama?” it was going to be a cool camping trip, but not that cold. apparently, eily got the idea while reading owl moon that he needed a scarf. and his dad suggested i could make him one. so i packed my knitting needles. and lo and behold, i found myself knitting while hiking. brett was not impressed. eily, on the other hand, was delighted with a fancy new thing to wear. he used it to complete today’s ensemble of one-piece pajamas, legwarmers, and necklace. the colours, by the way, were picked out by him. it smells of wood smoke from out campfire.

(when we met a couple other hikers on the path, the woman barely even said hi; she just took one look at me knitting and launched into – with scottish accent – a story about scottish women who wore aprons stuffed with laceweight yarn and six needles and whenever they were stopped on the street, pulled them out and began knitting away, their hands furiously moving while talking or listening.)

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