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Then there’s that.

Then again, Eily has since become much better at appreciating the handmade. To the extreme, i might add. Some examples:

Some spoonflower fabric he’s designed. His plan is that i make him a shirt and he will wear it to the Butterfly Conservatory and wait for butterflies to land on him.


A Paint interpretation of flies he’s tied (for fly fishing):


And some actual flies:



a week at the cottage with an everyday-dip-in-the-lake (or long languishing swim). it felt like luxury. or necessary when i think back on it now that i’m in this hot city again.
there was also time to draw up some ideas for the swap poster (more on that later); post upcoming events on the website; start a new knitting project (a raglan pullover with the softest of soft yarns); work on some mending; and once we were home again, try out the new photo studio (with camera installed on tripod and backdrop ready!)

but the best part will have to wait. i finished knitting my cardigan (hence the new project) and once i’ve sewn in the seams and blocked it, i’ll be eager to show it off. even in the heat of august.

here’s the reverse applique on jane’s 30th birthday tee. hard to make a pattern out of something i saw but don’t have in order to replicate. and hard to make it fit someone whose exact measurements you do not know. i think i’ll give her some truffles too just in case it’s a disaster.

Aha! boatneck achieved!

Oh, I thought, partway through this project, that I had mastered the boat neck, but I was a little off the mark. You might say I’m getting a handle on it and that’s something. Even though it’s nearly midnight and time for bed.

a very simple shirt. i had seen the design in a flyer for summer kwiksew patterns. i don’t know why anyone would buy a pattern for this…it’s basically a square. but i added a snail silkscreen to jazz it up. i will definitely do this one again.
as for the terrible shot, i had thought that moving the mirror from the top of our unfinished sideboard downstairs in my sewing room would work better for a photography area, but just like the only other long mirror in the house, it’s placed too low and just catches my legs. good for pants; not so good for shirts. so, it’s back to the bathroom and the construction zone it is. i need to think of a classier background. can i make something?