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Actually Spring

after a little taste of summer, it’s spring again. i found a way to sew some more wool appliques and Eily found his way to the strawberry patch. it’s the first time we’ve had enough for snacking from the native groundcover plants crawling across the front lawn. another thing to miss….or savour as a good memory of york street.

(i couldn’t get him into the patch last year; now i can’t pull him out. we’re going picking at the CSA farm tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.)

It was a little less hot today…the perfect day for strawberry picking and the perfect break from grouting. last night, i grouted until 11pm and learned all about tiling spounges, rubber grout floats, and grout bags. i’m pretty relieved to see the rows of shiny tiles after all that work. during it, my mind alternated between deliberating over a new trades career and being tempted to leave an assignment for Brett to write “i will never again start a tiling job” 100 times.
Now i’m going to hull strawberries in the garden to celebrate being that much closer to a finished washroom.