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42 pieces

United at last.   

Many times i was afraid they were going to stay as pieces, on my sewing room floor.

And now it’s fall and except for the hood, the coat is ready just in time to usher in the cooler weather. 

Once again, it was a Waffle pattern.  The outer material is a silk cotton twill which i ordered from China.  It’s hard to shop for material when i can’t touch it or get a sense of its weight.  So i researched lots on suitable coat fabrics.  I didn’t consider silk at first but i love it, its softness, the drape, how breathable  it is. 

The lining is Habotai silk accented with some fantastic beetle wool-silk blend (also from China).


Gosh, i even look as if i can hardly believe it’s done.  

That’s better

So i gave it one more go.  And it wasn’t even too many adjustments, just an inch on either side and realigning the zipper.  I also tried to act a little more professional by tacking down the interfacing and actually pressing it.

Worth the effort as I’m so much happier with it.

Too soon

I made this dress three weeks ago with silk from the fabric shop or street tailor – i can’t remember which – in Berhampur.  I finally got some pictures of me in it.   

Which, upon looking at, leads me to consider if i’ve given myself enough time…before ripping it up and beginning again.  Maybe in another fabric.  Linen?

The bodice, well basically everthing is too big.  Grrr.

And the dress that started this all is just so lovely.