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Loom weaving

Since mastering the hoop, Eily has moved on to a small German-made table loom that i acquired at one of the annual guild auctions. The loom almost looks homemade and it needed a few adjustments – a screw to stabilize the reed, new aprons for wrapping the warp – but it works smoothly now.



the late afternoon sun filtering through the windows of the front sun room yesterday made me wish that i had a chance every day at that time, not just now, when Eily is away. i’m so grateful to be finally warping the loom for a rug. the wool is a mix of blue and green hues, whatever i could find. there’s not quite enough string for making the last heddles. but its a start nonetheless.

no pictures, just joy

While Brett was having dinner with Stuart McLean on Pelee Island, Eily and I were busy converting the 36 inch floor loom (found in someone’s garbage pile!) so that it is able to weave wool rag rugs both warp and weft. I have been wanting to do this for sooo long, and still need some more parts. I thought I could use the seams that I cut out of sweaters, but I decided to crochet with them instead. Another breakthrough craft moment which allows me to a.) destash b.) add a new product line…my goodness, yet another? c.) learn to crochet (which has somehow evaded me this long) and d.) still be thrifty. I love it! I’m clam happy and I can’t even take a picture because B has the camera for birding and Stuarting.

My last assignment for school, fittingly, involves a woven mat. I used fabric scraps that have significance, such as Oma’s scarf, leftovers from clothes made by Mom when I was young, Senegalese batik from Esther, etc to tell the story of my ecological identity. I’ve seperated the fabric strips rather than blending them while weaving so that they can be recognized each time I step on the mat, which now sits at the threshold of our front door. A perfect fit.