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Brier Toque

Finally , a hat to fit.

I made this one with sock yarn since there’s a bit better bounce-back with a wool nylon blend instead of straight wool. Also, figured that i might as well make it the size of the boys’ heads and let it stretch to Brett’s size.
The pattern is a variation of this one.

Eily’s hat

After this failed attempt at giving Eily something knitted (at least his brother wears it), this hat went over a little better.

I left it with a note for him early this morning before the Christmas bird count. He left one back:
“Dear mama, thank you for the byotfle hat. I love it and it fits perfclea. From Eily”


the toque saga

alright, so my idea is not all that lofty, but i’m having some trouble with the delivery.
i’ve been trying to create the perfect toque, one that is long enough, warm enough, and moderately stylish. i saw one out there in indie-craft land and thought i could make it myself, but now that i’m on the third attempt, i’m wondering if that $50 price tag on the original wasn’t all that unreasonable. the first attempt (in blue) had to be modified into a tea cozy since, once felted, in was rather short and stumpy. and, though the second is much closer in size, it actually fits brett better than me. onward i go.