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That’s better

So i gave it one more go.  And it wasn’t even too many adjustments, just an inch on either side and realigning the zipper.  I also tried to act a little more professional by tacking down the interfacing and actually pressing it.

Worth the effort as I’m so much happier with it.

Too soon

I made this dress three weeks ago with silk from the fabric shop or street tailor – i can’t remember which – in Berhampur.  I finally got some pictures of me in it.   

Which, upon looking at, leads me to consider if i’ve given myself enough time…before ripping it up and beginning again.  Maybe in another fabric.  Linen?

The bodice, well basically everthing is too big.  Grrr.

And the dress that started this all is just so lovely.


With the goal being to wear as little as possible in this heat, i scrounged up some thin knit fabric and sewed a simple tshirt dress. it went a little like this: lay two 18×36 pieces of fabric on top of each other with wrong sides facing. Sew together 18″ side. Cut half circle (leaving 6″ on each side) for neckline. Cut a deeper scoop on front side of dress. Now sew together side seams, beginning seam 6″ below top seam to allow for armholes. Curve inward slightly for shaping at chest. Leave hem and arms raw. Sew a simple folded seam at neckline.


The boys have been sculpting in the sandbox.


And the first zucchini and shelling peas are ready.



Sadly, I have been doing hardly any of this (another dress shirt reincarnation from the week before the move) and much more of carting boxes around.

The move was BIG, to say the least. And the place appears to be having its own little garage sale which began on the moving day and continues which each drawer I open and corner I investigate. Though it made moving harder, it’s all part of this home’s charms. I cooked the first real meal – lamb and white bean cassoulet – in a lovely orange casserole dish found in the kitchen cupboard. There’s an excellent set of drawers for small sewing supplies, complete with notions. And lots of light and space for both loom and sewing machine in the new space. Plus a retro radio to bring CBC to my little work corner. We found a magnifying glass with a small lightbulb in it. A number of old style honey tins. And dozens of jars of pickled beets….ok, those we didn’t keep.

Now, I am eager to get back to work. I’ll need new material to redo the roller blinds all over this house. A circular rag rug for the bathroom floor. Some wool diaper covers for a special order. A mama and baby poncho for my sister and her soon to arrive babe. And lots lots more clothing to sew.

these days are longer

summer carries us along in a way very different from the other seasons. we fill up the hours so easily and it’s harder to remember which day we’re at. i like that. i also really like the shift from summer to fall which makes me think what i like best are those transitions in between. i feel summer close.
here are some projects from the last few days:
a dress which saw more of the stitch ripper than i care to admit:

a replacement for my broken zippered wallet, modeled after a leather Malian one i had in undergrad which was stolen and which i mourned the loss of more than its contents:

and droolingly delicious tomato tarts with fresh mizuna that came up again all by itself in our neglected garden: