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this little gnome might look better without any features…i still have to decide. i really like how soft the wool one-piece is and without stuffing it too tight, it really is more cuddly.

i christened my new sewing machine with a stuffed symbol of my heritage. i think i found this vintage “children of the world” doll material in the back corner of the sewing room cupboard at work a few years ago, and while piecing them together i was trying to decide if the irish was actually intended to be german and the dutch to be swedish. and why they were all white. another failed attempt at cultural iconography.
eily and i went to the multicultural festival yesterday (while brett glued the floor tiles that we’ve had been cutting nearly all of the 24 hours before), and listened to the drumming for national aboriginal day, pretended to feed the ducks, and ate spicy chickpeas and hand-churned ice cream.
i’m so happy to be done with class. yesterday, i thought about class around the time i usually take the bus. i was sewing and i stopped for a few minutes to make yogurt and strawberry popsicles which eily and i enjoyed later on the front steps as part of our pre-bed evening ritual. the end to a very good day.