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Even in sleep

We all have our favourite things….



And Brett’s:  

Thank goodness for Len’s Mills where i can find fly fishing and construction-themed fabric.

(Which begs the question: who would make a quilt out of excavators?)


One more pair, these are for Brett.   

 I’m wondering if i can try to make our pjs from now on, considering i’ve drafted the patterns.  Though i’m thankful for the hand-me-downs to pass between the boys.

Brier Toque

Finally , a hat to fit.

I made this one with sock yarn since there’s a bit better bounce-back with a wool nylon blend instead of straight wool. Also, figured that i might as well make it the size of the boys’ heads and let it stretch to Brett’s size.
The pattern is a variation of this one.

Another hat mishap

This one is almost as good as the last one. First off, it was a Christmas gift. Well, you might be aware that it’s nearly February. Secondly, i delayed in buying an additional ball of wool until after i started decreasing. I thought i could do it with one…at $18/ball i wish i had. Too late (aka stubborn) to go back i continued with 2 inches in single ribbing rather than the double i’d done so far.
After it all, the hat really didn’t fit the recipient well and i’m resigned to keeping it. At least when i’m wearing it i can’t see the mistakes as well as if Brett was.
(And i thought ribbing would avoid sizing the concerns of a felted one)

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