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The advent calendar is done. Although the pockets are not yet stuffed. I have a feeling Eily would have trouble emptying just one at a time.

I’ve also sewn together a felt floor basket from a fabulous ultra-felted sweater that was donated to me. I’ve been wearing the sleeves as legwarmers for weeks, since from the moment I tried them on on a whim, I could barely take them off. They’re ultra warm. Now me and the yarn holder match.

yesterday afternoon

it finally started to feel productive, something which i search for everyday and only nearly find. i spent the morning trying to sew and distracting myself with everything else, like realizing the microwave is desperately dirty when you really should be writing pg. 32 of your thesis. by 3pm i was actually at the table working on an order for wool diaper covers.
all i needed was something small to start, again.
and fresh cherries to keep me at it.

Actually Spring

after a little taste of summer, it’s spring again. i found a way to sew some more wool appliques and Eily found his way to the strawberry patch. it’s the first time we’ve had enough for snacking from the native groundcover plants crawling across the front lawn. another thing to miss….or savour as a good memory of york street.

(i couldn’t get him into the patch last year; now i can’t pull him out. we’re going picking at the CSA farm tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes.)


i’ve been working my way up to another entry for weeks now. sometimes it’s easier to pretend my computer doesn’t exist and just keep sewing. but the truth is this blog’s/experiment’s anniversary is approaching and i have to do a better job committing to it. a deadline, in a life that is 9-5less, isn’t such a bad thing. enough idling.