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Dye job

I had this pure wool skirt in ivory white. Everything about this skirt made sense for me…except the colour. When i first considered dyeing it, i thought anything but blue. Which is funny, considering the results. What eventually drew me away from bright red and sunflower yellow, my initial colour choices, was the difficult i would have finding something suitable to match. (Although i can’t deny that either one would look fantastic.)

So blue it is. Actually, elephant grey according to the hot water dye package. It’s frustrating that even though i added the dye to the soaking fabric (instead of the other way around so that the fabric would be uniformly wet and therefore take up the dye consistently — as learned in exhibit A; take note, exhibit B), it still varies a lot in colour tone throughout. Though that might be the best part.



I thought it would be relatively easy to lengthen the sleeves of this sweater, but when i tried to pull out the ribbed cuffs, they didn’t unravel easily like most knitted pieces do. So i had to pull it out manually, backwards through each stitch. However, several hours later, once the ribbing was out and i could pick up the stitches again and continue knitting, and once i changed yarn and ribbed a new cuff, i was pretty happy with the effort put into it. The sweater, handmade in Newfoundland, and a gift from B, fits so much better now.

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bed skirt

traditional bed skirts are a bit too pretty for me, but i still wanted to find a decent way to hide our bed spring. i bought a universal bed skirt, but being universal, the fit wasn’t snug enough. so i sewed a flat cotton sheet to it and now it stays on much better.

october days

the weather today was lovely and mild – even though rain was expected – but we are still managing to think about the coming cold.

Eily snipping stalks from the thyme patch.
preserving celery and white beans
and trying out the winter coat. i found it at the thrift store and discovered it had a few rips along the seams where the polyester stuffing was coming out (like that’s gonna keep a kid warm). so i fortified it by adding alomst 100g of carded wool and now it’s divinely poofy and warm.

i am this close….

…to getting back to sewing. (the guilt is clearly affecting me. yesterday, i shortened the strings on the side of a bathing suit bottom with scissors – horrors! and the day before i actually cut a lining out of a skirt instead of properly stitch-riping it and re-sewing it. i fear i am getting out of practice).
but before then, i’d like to take this opportunity to revisit a moment i had with some garlic scapes, green peas. and mini plum tomatoes. here they are in all their glory:

and this is what else i added,
to the garlic scape pesto: olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, cayenne
then, carmelized mushrooms, spinach, a bit of broccoli, bechamel sauce with milk (& cream!), and parmesan. on top of fresh vinnie’s pasta, both spinach and goat cheese raviolis. i think that’s the best alfredo sauce yet.

I managed to finish modifying the sweater (the one I started this winter; see May 28th post for before picture) this weekend, though I still hesitate to say finished. I’ll try it out for awhile first. I scrapped the i-cords when it turned out the wrap idea wasn’t working. Now, it’s just an extended capelet whose sleeves stay put a lot better than before.

I pulled out a knitted piece that I started a while back in the hopes that I can add to a capelet that my oma made which doesn’t quite stay on my shoulders. What I have in mind is extending it at the bottom and gradually enlarging it so it overlaps in the front. How I spent most of my bus ride yesterday was unravelling a messy pile of raw silk yarn instead of actually knitting. Still satisfying in its on right.

This is the last revision for this piece! I decided to alter it into a girl’s dress since I wasn’t going to wear it much as a shirt. I’m happier with these results but I have to wait and see how it fits once I find a good model. It would be really nice to have a dress form since I’m doing the measurements manually at this point.