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Day 2: felted pods

Inspired by these lovely pods, we made ours bigger.  The boys wanted them multi-coloured so we picked blue and orange merino, cream corriedale and red Amherst Island blend.

A good activity for a hot August afternoon.

 We’ve hung them from their bed to hold something special. 


a felting day

…which turned into more of a felting sejour. i used this pattern, but i am ready to tweak it the next time since the extra allowance for shrinkage was much to generous (or perhaps my feet size is much too generous) and i ended up with both feet too large and one foot even larger. the seams as well must be improved next time around. however, after much felting, then more felting, then a bit more, the slippers are warm and wearable. and adorned with one of jennifer’s christmas gifts: a elk bone button.

The weekend of spOtlight workshops went really well, with nearly 50 participants over the five workshops on Saturday and Sunday. There was LOTS of enthusiasm for felting and participants caught on the craft and the techniques really quickly. I loved seeing whole families come out and rotate through all the activities. And witnessing how each person`s ideas create such diverse results.

I made a sample piece for the wet felting workshop. If all goes well, each participant will make a piece of felted wool that looks something like this (at left). The other piece is a mini bag which I’m using as a sunglasses case. I had to hand sew it last night because my sewing machine finally gave way. (A new one is long past due, and now it’s a necessity.)