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I’ve wanted to make this rug for a while – with merino sweater strips and wool yarn instead of tshirt scraps and cotton yarn – but i’m inclined to pull out what i’ve started and map out what colours i want where first.  I’d like it to have more colour cohesion so it doesn’t end up looking like a 1970’s afghan.


Filling spaces

The beekeeper’s quilt (aka little bum rug) is taking shape.  I started sewing the hexipuffs together last weekend.

Meanwhile Gabe was gathering items to celebrate the 100th day of school.  

The time-consuming work of filling empty spaces.


It is those times that we need creative space the most that there is no room. I understand that in a physical sense these days. Our house has been dealing with electrical upgrades, insulation, and new ceiling drywall. It has felt like ages since I’ve found the time and the space to do something besides home repairs. Today though, I finished two rugs to bring to next week’s KWWS (Kitchener Waterloo Weavers’ & Spinners’) sale.


the late afternoon sun filtering through the windows of the front sun room yesterday made me wish that i had a chance every day at that time, not just now, when Eily is away. i’m so grateful to be finally warping the loom for a rug. the wool is a mix of blue and green hues, whatever i could find. there’s not quite enough string for making the last heddles. but its a start nonetheless.