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Kitchen Recovery

After an overwhelming weekend, our kitchen (and ourselves) needed a little recovery. So i got to work. Sometimes it’s the best kind of therapy.

I turned the pile of tomatoes into salsa. The sovereign coronation grapes into pungent juice. The shriveled eggplant into baked perfection. And the softening barlett pears into sweet sorbet.


Fruit feast

Apricots are gradually diminishing from the colander on the counter. We eat some; we freeze some; we put some on cake. Last week, i tried some in this finnish cake, a recipe easily put to memory and quite good too.
Tonight, after spoiling ourselves with the best tenderloin in town, fresh beans, fresh peas, fresh summer squash, fresh everything, we served a knock-off of this fine tart (retrieved from the pages of a blog where every recipe has so far been a winner; the author having borrowed it from another food blogger to which a friend introduced me years ago with the words: “every recipe of hers works”).
But before we cut into it we snuck out to find more fresh backyard berries. (At which point, Eily informed me that Gabe was doing his summer fruit dance.) And had a short neighbourhood walk in the crispness that feels too much like August than July. (Both times we walked past the barren service berry trees, Gabe let out a sad little moan.)


Fruit pops

The easiest and most sensibly-sized homemade popsicles. Use a silicone ice tray and add the popsicle sticks, either right away or after a half hour in the freezer.

– fresh or frozen fruit plus yogurt
– choco milk
– pureed peaches frozen first; then add the milk or yogurt
– banana slice (useful for securing stick) in yogurt; better yet, in chocolate milk
– fruit juice thickened with agar agar

Sweet freeze

This morning, the first day of grade school summer, we celebrated by hulling 15 pints of berries, picked yesterday. Some were turned into jam. And the rest were frozen using the cookie sheet method (the first time i’ve actually done it for any berries since my freezer finally had room after i finished defrosting it). We might use the strawberries more often this way, stealing a handful instead of thawing a big lump at a time.

We finished the day with banana ice cream from Raw Energy:

2 bananas
1 cup milk (rice, cow’s, soy or nut)
1/3 cup cashews
1/4 cup coconut
2 T. cacoa nibs
1 T. coconut oil
1 T. maple syrup
1 t. vanilla
Pinch of salt

Blend all ingredients until ice cream consistency.


Inverted pie

Crumble is the new “it” dessert round here. And when i say crumble i mean the traditional French approach to it, which means the topping consists of flour, butter, and sugar.

It reminds me of an inverted pie because i tend to press in my pie crusts, lending to a rather rustic look, instead of rolling it out neatly. The crumble is an upside-down easier version of pie. We’ve tried it with blueberries and pears as well as bananas, pears and cashews. There’s a ton of fruit combinations still to be tried!

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