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Superhero capes

Gabe turned 6 this summer. When we held him a party in the fall, I made initialized capes for the guests (instead of grab bags). They were cut from old tshirts, while keeping the original neckline. It was a simple craft with a pretty great outcome.

Raspberry lava

Throughout the summer, i heard many requests for different birthday cakes.  A construction cake.  A hockey cake (probably to appease his older brother).  One shaped like Darth Vader.  At one point i heard volcano and ran with it.  It was the foolproof choice.  You simply bake a cake and if it doesn’t look volcanic in shape, just cut it up and shape it again and pour frosting over the cracks and bumps.  Top it off with some hot lava raspberry jam and fiery sparklers (unfortunately not captured in camera) and you’re all set.