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The last pocket in the advent calendar held a felted manger and baby Jesus. (Mary arrived a day earlier in the month.  The funky stable was felted by a friend – intended as a hat but has become a play cave).

By the time I had woken up and come downstairs,  the animals had gathered round.


Eily and I finally managed to finish the wreath from day 5’s activity on the advent calendar…well, actually I did while Eily waved from the window. We had gathered grapevine from the iron horse trail and I added cedar boughs from the backyard.

Next to the door sits our grapevine tree which I made a few years ago from wrapping vine around a tomato cage. This year, I filled the inside cavity with big white Christmas balls that had been left draped along the back overhang when we moved in.

The advent calendar is done. Although the pockets are not yet stuffed. I have a feeling Eily would have trouble emptying just one at a time.

I’ve also sewn together a felt floor basket from a fabulous ultra-felted sweater that was donated to me. I’ve been wearing the sleeves as legwarmers for weeks, since from the moment I tried them on on a whim, I could barely take them off. They’re ultra warm. Now me and the yarn holder match.