Last week, i pulled out a box of hand-me-downs, the next size up for Gabe and his dwindling pant collection.

But all the jeans and cords had holey knees.  Who knows why i packed them up to save.

I think i’ll keep the jeans for another project but the cords were saved by a silkscreened fish patch.  Instead of trying to manage a neat patch by approaching the hole from the pant’s top or bottom (always a disaster) i tried going in from the side instead.  I stitch ripped about 3 inches of the inseam, added the patch (and another on the inside of the other, weak knee), and sewed the leg back up.  The only trick was the topstitching – my best bet was several standing zig-zag stitches since i couldn’t orientate the fabric in such a way to make a straight clean top-stitch.

Not perfect.  But totally workable.  

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