Little did i realize that using purchased patterns is more time-consuming than using my own, just for the sheer number of pieces to cut out.  

(Yes, that’s a potty in the photo.  Always got to have another task on the go.)

But i remain steadfast.  I’ve already purchased a pdf dress pattern for myself ($3 and based on my exact measurements!).  I’d like to do some modifications to make it look more like this.  And I’ll wanna make some shirts from it too of course.

Plus, Hudsons and Kudzu cargos for the boys in the what-is-possibly-universal-when-it-comes-to-boy’s-clothes attempt to make sweatpants more stylish.  This way i can make them in the fabrics that i (and they) want.

I also have this lovely pattern on its way to me (out of print but i tracked it down on ebay).

These projects all made it to the top of my very long wish list.  More to come!

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