New terrain

I have some new felted material to experiment with, the results of a botched felting project.  It’s cobweb felt and i plan to combine it with vintage blanket scraps to make playscapes of different habitats.  

Originally, i intended this fabric – together with dyed silk organza – as a nuno felted dress.  That was my first flaw, the idea itself.  Then i mixed too many shades of blues and greens. 

The result was a little too camo-looking.  

I gave up on the dress.

Instead, i managed to tear the wool off the silk.  I hope to rebuild it into two separate playmats, one oceanic and perhaps the other similar to my firstThis is my inspiration.  That mat is pure brilliance – just look at that mini vegetable garden!

Mine won’t be knitted and it won’t be truly felted (i plan on sewing these together) but Reuben has already given me enough indication that it’s play worthy.


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