We are getting back to routine after 10 days camping in northern ontario and many summer weekends away. Also to regain some semblance of normalcy as the walls of our new kitchen come down and the dust rises.

I made a new bag for this laundry stand which i’m now using to store throw blankets in the living room.


And this morning, i made a new batch of calendula salve in preparation for the dry skin season.


I soaked a pint of calendula flower heads in olive oil overnight. I then strained them and added to the oil several handfuls of grated beeswax. I melted them together in a glass jar over a double boiler and poured it into small glass jars. You can get fancy and blend different oils (be sure to use ones that have a long shelf life and don’t go rancid too quickly) or add fragrances or other skin enhancers like vitamin E, but i prefer to keep it simple. We all use it instead of lotion the whole winter long.

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