3 Times Less

There is a bakery 4 blocks from our house that when i’m lucky enough to pass when they’re open and the kids are happy and i’m feeling generous then we buy one of their 5 inch chocolate chunk cookies. Eating it makes me melt in adoration and simultaneously bemoan the fact that i have not moved back to france already.

Today i tried a home-made version. In fact i started yesterday since the recipe called for 24 hour chilling prior to baking. (In the world of gourmet cooking, even the cookie – sigh – gets complicated). I made them three times less in size with valrhona (70%) chocolate chunks (but only half the pound that was called for) instead of the fair trade chips i normally use for cookies. My head is still conflicated….my heart, not at all. Maybe i’ll go to the bakery three times less. Or maybe not.


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