I’ve had a list of breads to try growing in my head for a while now but it always seemed daunting to start baking again. I waited for school to be over. Then summer. Then i waited til the end of canning.

Once i finally began, it was ever so slightly, and not so extraordinary, with a simple batch of crackers that were rather sensational in my opinion though they certainly don’t look it.


Then i tried bagels for a brunch we hosted. My first bagels!

Bagel dough requires only 20 minutes rising time. I decided on them in bed and was eating one by 10am. Miraculous.

Well by now it was time for bread. I had bookmarked Peter Reinhart’s potato bread and we had purple potatoes from our friends’ garden. The potato water was green!

20131001-215413.jpg I didn’t actually love it (though i noticed the Bread Baker’s Apprentice is a modified – perfected? – version of the Whole Grain Breads‘ original). But in the end the damage was done. I found myself baking biscuits/buns for sliders on the weekend. Just because i didn’t want to go to the grocery store one more time.

Let this serve as a reminder…bread-baking is far less daunting once you actually start.

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