Blueberry Dye

I had this pillow that i made from a scrap of fabric that really i only bought because it paired nicely with the red one, which i loved. Besides a few silver berries painted on it, the pillow case was very very white. So after i made both cases, the red went on the couch and the white went into a bag in the attic. Indeed, white has no chance of lasting in my living room.

I’m not a big fan of storing things in case i need them later. Truthfully, the day i can place a white pillow on my couch seems a long way off.

Instead, a found a book on my shelf on natural dyes, sourced 200 grams of blueberries in my freezer, and went to work mordanting the fabric (with alum and cream of tarter) and preparing the dyestuff (aka blueberries). I wanted only a light shade of grey so a natural dye seemed the way to go. It such a subtle change but actually several shades darker than the original white.


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