An odd pair

I have been tipped on adding peanuts to radishes. An unlikely match. But sáuteed with onions and chilies and a scattering of salt, they surprised me.


I began to feel bold. When no one was looking, i trimmed spears from the broccoli and added them to a blueberry smoothie.

This is nothing new….it has been done hundreds of time before by juicers and smoothie-makers. It was my son who’d suggested a banana-snowpea mixture two weeks ago, which i promptly dismissed. I realized the only one i was shocking with my blueberry-broccoli blend was myself. One glass of V8 25 years ago and i have refused to juice my vegetables ever since. To even consider a fruit and vegetable combination.

I suppose when you eat fresh, new rules are made. Or rather old ones must be unmade.

So i find myself wondering how blueberries and radishes – the most recent in my fridge to have been picked – will taste together….


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