Fruit feast

Apricots are gradually diminishing from the colander on the counter. We eat some; we freeze some; we put some on cake. Last week, i tried some in this finnish cake, a recipe easily put to memory and quite good too.
Tonight, after spoiling ourselves with the best tenderloin in town, fresh beans, fresh peas, fresh summer squash, fresh everything, we served a knock-off of this fine tart (retrieved from the pages of a blog where every recipe has so far been a winner; the author having borrowed it from another food blogger to which a friend introduced me years ago with the words: “every recipe of hers works”).
But before we cut into it we snuck out to find more fresh backyard berries. (At which point, Eily informed me that Gabe was doing his summer fruit dance.) And had a short neighbourhood walk in the crispness that feels too much like August than July. (Both times we walked past the barren service berry trees, Gabe let out a sad little moan.)


2 thoughts on “Fruit feast

  1. kitchenr jon

    Well said, Amaryah! I loved reading this. Especially the “sad moan” when passing the service berries! It’s hard not to feel that way about all the fruits that have come and gone. But I must say, I keep thinking about apple and pear season and the absurd abundance of it all! (I may in part be thinking of the potential “adult” ciders and perry….). Anyways, great summer summary!


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