Leave it to Liebster

I’ve been honoured to answer some questions, thanks to my friend Jon who offered me a Liebster blog award last week.

I learned that answering interesting questions is fun….coming up with good ones of my own plus 11 people to ask them to…not so much. I’m working on it…

In the meantime, here’s what i came up with:

How would you describe where you live without naming any places?
I live in an urban neighbourhood with an established italian eatery, our family dentist, and some of my favourite people all within walking distance. My kids know nearly everyone on our street by name. I like big trees and wide open spaces but i feel pretty lucky to live where i do.

When was the last time you wrote a letter (a real one, you know, that you sent in the mail with a stamp)?
5 months ago to a friend going through a long hard winter.

What is your favorite non-English word?
Abîmer – crazy really since it means to damage. But when something is broken or bent, i find my mind reaching for this French verb instead of any English one.

What (if any) blogs did you follow before you started blogging?

Do dogs belong in the city ?
Ha…..i was interrupted from answering this question by my neighbour. He came to say thanks for telling him a cop had been by asking about a wandering dog (his). He was then able to track him down at the Humane Society.

So sure…dogs in the city. Personally, i prefer non-domesticated animals. (Although i wasn’t too heartbroken when our cat caught a rabbit near the vegetable garden.)

Are there any books that you have lent to more than one person (and if so, what is it called)?
Here’s three that i remember sharing, all so beautifully written, they took my breath away:
Out of the Dust – Karen Hesse
Fibre – Rick Bass
Gilead – Marilynne Robinson

And, at the risk of not completely neglecting non-fiction (my tendency), here’s one i read recently that stuck with me:
Farewell Fred Voodoo – Amy Wilentz

Do you plan your meals in advance, or just “wing it”?
Fall and winter are for meal-planning; spring and summer are for winging it.

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