I’m trying to keep up with my little (nightime) nurser with fatty foods and quick snacks. There’s also the time factor – i keep forgetting to eat…or i opt to sew instead of a lunch break. Then i tell myself to stock the cupboards with more snacks, but when i’m at the store staring at the ingredient list or price tag on say, a box of granola bars, i just can’t quite do it.
So this afternoon, in between Christmas decorating and baking an apple strudel for a dessert potluck, we made spiced almonds.
First, they’re coated in olive oil, then pan-roasted and drizzled with honey and spices – cayenne, smoked paprika, cumin, cinnamon, and salt. Finally, they are left to carmelize a bit longer in the oven.

Now i’m using this post to help me fall asleep….

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