kitchen milestones

unfortunately, one of them will translate into more work (just look up), but i’m nonetheless happy to conclude the yoghurt experiment (100% milk is delicious but a little too pricey; all milk powder is much to plain, and a portion of each is nearly perfect), to have mastered a homemade recipe for puff pastry (no pictures unfortunately, it was gobbled up too quickly; if you have any wits about you, try this dish), and to have confronted those mushy squash loitering in the cellar (now, i’m on the hunt for fabulous squash recipes).

the reward: blueberry and buttermilk cake, from this fabulous cookbook. I actually adapted it to a loaf and stuffed the blueberries (frozen, albeit not recommended) inside instead of saving them for topping. i haven’t tried the original, but i’d make this one again.

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