a felting day

…which turned into more of a felting sejour. i used this pattern, but i am ready to tweak it the next time since the extra allowance for shrinkage was much to generous (or perhaps my feet size is much too generous) and i ended up with both feet too large and one foot even larger. the seams as well must be improved next time around. however, after much felting, then more felting, then a bit more, the slippers are warm and wearable. and adorned with one of jennifer’s christmas gifts: a elk bone button.

2 thoughts on “a felting day

  1. Shepherdess

    I like the colours but what kind of wool were you useing. it looks likeyour finished slippers are still spongy. I am a felter, in ontario as well. Google blog search in my google reader brought this post in your blog up for me. Ann ann(at)shepherdsspringfarm.ca

  2. Amaryah

    Yep, you're right, Ann, they are not as tight a felt as I was going for. However, I'm using a blend that a local farm carries. I don't know every breed in the blend but from what I do know, some are good wet felters, and one in particular, is not. So that might be the problem. Next time, I'll try different wool.


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