diy labelling

label-making attempt #1 (which, in truth, was preceeded by several trips to the office supply store and multiple curse words about the unavailability of refillable (ie recyclable) ink cartridges).
i’m thrilled to be making my own clothing labels. And thrilled at the low cost.

I learned from here and all I needed was:

  • an inkjet printer ($5 from TWC for those in K-W; mine even scans and copies wirelessly…an added bonus but completely unneccesay)
  • any relatively smooth, thin fabric of natural fibres (silk, cotton, etc)
  • freezer paper (acquirable at most grocery stores)
  • alum and washing soda (ditto)

(skip the fabric softener that she suggests…it’s not necessary)
plus an iron and my sewing machine of course

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