some minor miracles of mount hope street:
1. i found raspberry bushes along the north end of the yard;
2. it just so happens to be raspberry season.
3. turns out the air conditioner, which looks like it was born in the 70s and sits forlornly at the side of the house, still works! (we are reserving it for successive over-30 days like this week and trying not to feel too guilty about how much we delight in the cool)
4. 2 cookie sheets were nestled side by side in our new oven this morning (full of course), unlike in the apartment-sized one of the old place. i had to call B at work today to exclaim my joy. this is after 2 other phone calls already by 11am.
5. it took only 12 days for Eily’s new sandbox to be built, at which point he ran around it in circles, repeating: “i love my new sandbox, i love my new sandbox…” many times before actually playing in it.

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