i am this close….

…to getting back to sewing. (the guilt is clearly affecting me. yesterday, i shortened the strings on the side of a bathing suit bottom with scissors – horrors! and the day before i actually cut a lining out of a skirt instead of properly stitch-riping it and re-sewing it. i fear i am getting out of practice).
but before then, i’d like to take this opportunity to revisit a moment i had with some garlic scapes, green peas. and mini plum tomatoes. here they are in all their glory:

and this is what else i added,
to the garlic scape pesto: olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, cayenne
then, carmelized mushrooms, spinach, a bit of broccoli, bechamel sauce with milk (& cream!), and parmesan. on top of fresh vinnie’s pasta, both spinach and goat cheese raviolis. i think that’s the best alfredo sauce yet.

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