Today was Eily’s third birthday. I gave him play food, made from felted wool and wooden dishes from Plan Toys. The sandwich and panini slices are a bit over-stuffed, but that didn’t seem to stop him from setting up the meals toute suite! Which is more than I can say for other gifts given, particularly by me. However, I’m noticing there’s a bit of a trend with my food-inspired gifts. He hasn’t paid much attention to the felted stuffed vegetables from last Christmas or the Little Tikes garage sale kitchen from last summer. You might say I am trying to domesticate him. Recently though, he’s been wanting to eat lunches with his friends “whale” and “orca” or the two babies and there’s just not enough of our regular plates and utensils to go around. Or rather, Mama would prefer not to make three sets of grilled cheese sandwiches. A gift-wrapped compromise you might say.

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