Before going to sleep last night, Eily told me he wanted cake. Since he had just endured two days of day care after our vacation, I told him we would definitely make cake together the next day. So this morning, I asked him what kind of cake he wanted, thinking I could easily throw together some banana loaf, maybe add in some chocolate chips. He promptly responded with his request: “candle cake.” “Birthday cake?” I asked. “Yeah!” He said in a long drawn out expression. “…chocolate candle cake!” Well, let’s make it a whole birthday party then. He’s one month ahead of the game but we had a lot of fun preparing for the real thing. We spread raspberries as the in-between and on-top layers and topped the cake with chocolate sprinkles that Brett bought for me one day a long time ago at the Dutch Shop. As it turns out, Eily was more excited about the ice cream that went with it. Lesson learned. Good thing we had a trial run.

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