long last

about two years ago, in the first year of my son’s life, i decided i needed a better way to document what i was doing each day (besides of course the everyday activities of helping a child grow). perhaps it was to validate what i was doing since a paycheque no longer did, but there was also the sense that if i did not hold onto to something of the time that passed that it would pass even more quickly. though it was my first thought, i was hesistant to blog. (hence the time frame between seed of idea and follow-through.) i am terrible at stopping to take photos (the millions of pictures of eily that brett has taken attest to that), my last blog is still out there somewhere, and i felt the opportunity might feel more like pressure most of the time. i was also waiting for the begining of a new year to start it off right. but something really good rarely begins with precision and planning…and before i regret more missed chances, I will start this thing. whatever it becomes i likely cannot completely control.

this first week of two that i have off between school terms began with more frustration than satisfaction. i began the blog now to assure myself that something good is made each day.

and so, i will start by this week’s work, even though my plan is to post a day at a time.

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